Rooted in the tree service industry

Keeping the tradition alive.
Nothing makes a father prouder than seeing his son follow in his foot steps. We are very proud to say that our family has been rooted in the tree service industry for 4 generations.
Fifty years ago my grandfather began teaching my father what he knew about trees. From the time I was a small boy my father has taught me the knowledge that was passed on to him as well as the skills that he had acquired through the years. I am happy to continue this tradition with my 3 sons. Just this summer my oldest son started his first summer internship with us officially making us 4 generations strong.
The picture you see here is of my youngest son and his toy chainsaw in a magnificent White Oak. At 11 years old this little guy has more sap running through his veins than any branch on our family tree. He eats sleeps and breaths tree climbing. It’s not just my sons that we like to brag about. Both of my daughters are amazing Jr. Arborists as well. In fact my 12 year old recently won a regional forestry competition.
Some people say you have to be crazy to do what we do. In our family we love what we do and we are crazy about it. Hopefully we can pass the tradition on for another 4 generations.



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