Another Certification well deserved for Arbormax Tree Service.

Recently Tim Robbins of Arbormax Tree service earned the prestigious Certified Tree Care Safety Professional (CTSP) certification. The CTSP program is the tree care industry’s prominent safety program. It promotes and encourages a culture of safety and embodies what it is to be a tree care professional. Attaining this certification is a way of acknowledging our commitment to safety. We are very proud to be a part of the elite few who have this certification. Many years of knowledge and experience are required to successfully complete this rigorous training and certification program. Even the best arborists have attempted and failed this program. With as high as an 80% fail rate, this test is for the true professionals only. Here at Arbormax tree service we are committed to the highest level of safety for our team members, our clients and everyone else around us. Being CTSP certified is just a way to reaffirm our enduring commitment to being the most professional and safest Tree service company possible. The Tree service industry is the most dangerous profession on earth. It is a very difficult job that requires immense skill and knowledge. Not to mention courage and dedication. However, years and years of training and knowledge combined with all the skill in the world doesn’t stop accidents from happening if a culture of safety and professionalism aren’t in place. Statistics show that companies who have CTSP certified tree workers are far less likely to have an accident. Holding a CTSP certification tells our clients that we are committed to completing their project in the most professional and safest way possible. It also lets them know we are true professionals that completely understand the seriousness and complexity of the task at hand. For more information about CTSP certifications please visit


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