Warmth for Wake

warmth for wake

Winter is rapidly approaching and if it is anything like last year, it will be a long and cold one. Warmth for wake not only helps heat homes, it helps warm hearts. It is an all volunteer program that provides firewood to elderly and financially challenged individuals that have no other means of heating their homes. Volunteers gather several times per season to cut, split and deliver it to those in need. We are more than happy to donate the wood, saws, splitters, trucks and facility. We have volunteer days coming up on Saturday Oct 24th, Saturday November 21st and Saturday Jan 30th. Please email Tim if you would like to help timothy@arbormaxtree.com or call the office for more info 919-412-6790. We promise that it is one of the most rewarding volunteering experiences you will ever have.

warmth for wake 2

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