Mulch volcanos make us want to erupt!!!

If you didn’t think North Carolina had volcanos, think again. Just look around the next time you drive to the store. You will see mulch volcanos everywhere.

“Mulch volcano” is the term used to describe the improper mulching technique used frequently by homeowners and landscapers. A mulch volcano is a big mound of mulch that is piled too deep and incorrectly placed against the trunk of a tree. When mulch touches the bark or stem of a tree it creates a moist soggy environment. Over time it will lead decay, rot and disease. When mulch is piled too deep it can prevent water from getting down down to the soil. As a result some of the trees roots may grow up into the mulch in search of moisture. The tree may also die from drought like symptoms.

Mulch Volcano example

We recommended by keeping mulch 3-4 inches away from touching tree trunks. Mulch should only be 3-4” deep  around trees. Always use organic mulch that is consistent with  type of tree you are mulching. (hardwood for hardwood trees and pine for pine trees). This will help maintain the correct PH and nutrient balance.

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