Leave it to the professionals.

 One homeowner, one ladder and a chainsaw is a recipe for disaster.

Safety-first with saw

We all like to save money when we can. Undertaking a home repair or improvement project yourself is a great way to save some money. Tree work should never be a DIY project though. Unlike painting or carpentry, it is extremely dangerous and can kill you. Sometimes people do not realize just how dangerous tree work can be. On average 5-10 homeowners die every month in the U.S. while trimming or cutting trees their trees. Most homeowner related fatalities occur when the tree or limb that they are cutting strikes them. Some deaths are related to falls and others are due to being struck by the chainsaw.   The TCIA is at the forefront of safety in our industry. They have numerous safety and training programs including the Certified Tree Care Safety Professional certification (CTSP).  The TCIA is also known for their comprehensive studies of tree related fatalities.

Here is a link to an article on Home-owner related Fatalities. Please read it if you are thinking of tackling a tree project yourself.  http://tcia.org/news/safety/homeowner-tree-care-accidents-2014

Inexperienced tree cutters that represent them selves as being professionals account for a large number of the tree related fatalities each year too. Always ask if they have a CTSP on staff.




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