Wake Forest Tree Service

Professional Tree Removal

Arbormax tree service is the leading tree removal service in Wake Forest. We offer expert tree removal at affordable rates to all of Wake forest and the surrounding area. Our services include Tree removal, tree care, tree trimming, tree pruning, stump grinding and more.

For decades the professionals at Arbormax have been safely removing unwanted and dangerous trees throughout the Wake Forest area. Over the course of these years we have watched Wake Forest grow and change. Even though it has changed drastically, one thing remains the same. The trees here are still amazing and among the best anywhere. These amazing trees help make Wake forest the beautiful place that it is. We feel privileged to be the caretakers of these magnificent trees.

Selecting the right tree service can be difficult. When you hire us you can be sure that we will provide you with the highest level of service at the lowest possible rate.

Why us?
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Insured and Licensed

Arbormax tree service has General liability and work comp insurance. Our liability policy covers up to $2,000,000 in damage to property or persons. Our Work comp policy covers all of our employees if any accidents should occur.


It is hard to do a good job without the proper equipment. It takes more than a chainsaw and pick-up to properly do a job. Arbormax tree service owns and operates the best equipment. We have every tool and piece of equipment that is known to the tree service industry. We have cranes, bucket trucks, grapple trucks, loaders, stump grinders and so much more. You can rest assured that we always come prepared.


Tree removal and tree care is serious business and requires a lot of experience and skill. We do not employ unexperienced people. Every tree climber on our staff has a minimum of five years climbing experience in combination with 2 or more years as a ground man. Every Arborist has at least 7 years of experience. Our owners have been rooted in the tree service industry for 4 generations. We have more combined experience than any other company around.


We know that price plays a huge role in selecting a company to help you with your tree service project. We are not always the cheapest tree service but we are the best. Does that mean we are overpriced? No, in fact we are usually the lowest bid, just not always. We get asked a lot how we offer our service at such a low rate. The truth is, we are better and more efficient than most of the other tree services around. We do the same work better and in half the time. We also have multiple crews around the state. This means that we do not have to make the same profit per crew as a company with only one crew does. Our years of accident/injury free work have helped us get our insurance rates well below the norm. All of this helps us provide you with good service at an affordable rate.


We have ISA certified arborists on staff that are ready to use their knowledge and expertise to help diagnose your sick tree. Arborists are a lot like doctors. One big difference between arborists and doctors is their patient’s ability to communicate. A sick tree can’t tell you where it hurts. It cannot tell you how long it’s been sick and it cannot tell you if it is starting to feel better. That is why an Arborist must be knowledgeable and experienced in his craft. It takes years and years of studying and working in real world situations to acquire the knowledge it takes to properly diagnose trees and care for them. Please let us help you if you have a sick tree or any questions about trees.

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